Digimon Adventure tri. 5: Kyousei (2017) – Torrent Download Movie ENG

Digimon Adventure tri. 5: Kyousei (2017) – Torrent Download Movie ENG


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Digimon Adventure tri., 6 new anime movies set after the end of the original series, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of Digimon Adventure. They are produced and distributed by Toei Animation.

It is 6 years after the children came back from their adventure in the Digiworld that one summer. All the ‘DigiDestined’ are finally in high school. The first chapter, ‘Reunion,’ was a big hit when it aired in Japanese cinemas in 2015. It attracted 1.4 million viewers and ranked first in the ’mini theater ranking’ for four consecutive weeks. The movies have so far earned 650 million yen and mobilized over 414,000 viewers.

The next chapter to come out in Japanese cinemas is chapter 5 ‘Kyosei’ (lit. Symbiosis) in 2017. The synopsis of the movie has finally been announced!

‘Digimon Adventure tri. Kyosei’ ~STORY~

When Meicoomon sees that her partner, Meiko Mochizuki, is hurt by a mysterious man that looks like Gennai, she runs away again.

You shouldn’t have been born…

Maincoomon, who has disappeared into the real world, causes much distortion. Carrying too much power, the key to destroying the world is…

Hackmon, who came to Daigo Nishijima and Dr. Mochizuki, will reveal the truth. Trying to preserve harmony on earth is Homeostasis, but it seems that Meicoomon has become too powerful, so Homeostasis tries to destroy her.

With Meicoomon running away, the countdown to the end of the world has started. There are problems appearing everywhere. The Digimon that wait to appear with the distortions are only waiting for their time to cross over.

The DigiDestined come back from the alienated Digiworld to the real world, but since they are together with their Digimon, they are hunted down by people. Even after they are separated, they keep searching for the break into this world, with Meiko worrying alone. Her burden becomes too heavy for her and when she breaks down, not even the supporting voices of the Digimon and her friends can reach her.

And their harsh destiny also weighs heavily on the pure and delicate soul of Hikari Yagami…

The adventure will evolve once again!


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